So…when it something going to actually be your fault? When are you going to stand up and say, “Fuck this. I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time. I’m going to do something. I’m going to change my life, starting right now”?

That’s a really tough decision to make when you have the body positive fatasses telling you that weighing 400 pounds and having a 60-inch waist is just fine. That getting out of breath walking for more than 5 minutes is not only okay, but it’s your goddamned right to fuck your body up so much that you’ll eventually wind up trapped inside your home. Eventually becoming so fat that you can’t even wash yourself or wipe your own ass.

That’s exactly where you’re headed thanks to the body positive morons and the people who think that “fat shaming” is an actual thing. Fat shaming isn’t real. It’s a concept that was literally dreamed up by underweight social justice warriors to defend morbidly obese people. Defending them so they can go on overeating and destroying their lives. The people behind “fat shaming” are masters of making excuses for being unhealthy, and you’ve probably heard all of them, and used many of the same excuses for being overweight. Here are the excuses you’ll hear body positive types using to explain away the extra 200 pounds of fleshy goo hanging from their bones:

  • I’m addicted to carbohydrates – nope you’re addicted to bullshit, and you eat too much
  • Thyroid problems – there’s medication for that, so go get it
  • My cholesterol is fine – yeah because nobody with low cholesterol has never just dropped dead. Heart disease can kill people who have low cholesterol
  • Big is beautiful – yes, if you’re a Blue Whale. Being morbidly obese doesn’t give you carte blanche for being a social fuck up
  • Hormone imbalance – get medication to fix it. It exists, but you’re not taking it. Why?
  • Slow metabolism – guess how you speed your metabolism up? Healthy food and regular exercise!
  • It’s genetic – no it’s not, and you know it’s not, and we know it’s not. Your family just ate too much.
  • Laziness – at least you’re being honest, but you’re still going to die young.
  • Self-esteem – yup, because being fat sucks, so you need to take one positive step each day. In 365 days you won’t recognize yourself
  • I’m big boned – Jesus. Unless you’re a some kind of X mutant your bone size and density is the same as everyone else. X-rays prove that.
  • I binge eat – everyone done. It’s human nature to gorge. Your problem is you binge every single day, but you hide the evidence. You’re just fooling yourself
  • I had a baby – so have tens of millions of other women, and your baby was probably born several years ago. How many morbidly obese mothers do you see in Vietnam or China? Now ask yourself why that is.
  • I have an eating disorder – maybe you do, but if self-diagnosis is no diagnosis. Go get professional help, but they’re just going to recommend cutting out shitty meals and getting more exercise.
  • I retain water – yup, but that accounts for no more than about 10 pounds of your current weight. Stop making excuses ffs.

You’ve probably spent the better part of your life coming up with excuses for why you eat so much, but never once stopping to admit that they’re nothing more than excuses. Then if you surround yourself with the idiots who think that body positive is a good idea then you’ll find more excuses than ever. More ways to shrug off your personal responsibility for living the best life you can, because you only get one shot at this mortal plain we all share with each other.

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